I believe that education lays the foundations for life and should be a hugely positive, rich experience for all children. Our school offers a broad and balanced curriculum, a happy, safe and supportive atmosphere, with a strong commitment to helping all children succeed whatever their background or abilities. We strive to enable our learners to develop socially and emotionally so that they take pride in their learning and want to do well. We believe in offering a curriculum that is purposeful, relevant, challenging and engaging, and that’s why we chose to offer Cambridge IGCSE.

While academic excellence is an important goal, we also value the development of the child as a whole. Social skills, self-evaluation and the raising of self-esteem are fundamental to good classroom practice. We know that people learn best when they are happy, valued and feel respected as individuals. We encourage all children to take an active part in an inquiry based learning process, to set goals, to be independent learners and to self-evaluate their progress.

With best wishes,

The principal